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Muhammadiyah Becomes the Most Successful Religious Organization in the World, Legal Expert: Sometimes in Indonesia Less Appreciated

Muhammadiyah Becomes the Most Successful Religious Organization in the World

Professor of Anthropology at Boston University, Robert Hefner, emphasized that Muhammadiyah is the most successful religious community organization (ormas) in the world.

According to him, this can be proven by the large contribution given by Muhammadiyah to Indonesia in all sectors, especially the education sector.

Responding to this, constitutional law expert, Refly Harun, said that there are still many Indonesian people who do not know the assessment indicators that make certain organizations the most successful organizations.

According to him, most Indonesians only understand this after there are statements from other people.

In addition, Refly Harun feels sad because the achievements of an organization at the international level are generally underappreciated in Indonesia.

"Sometimes we have extraordinary achievements but two things are our attitude. First, we don't know because we don't understand the comparison and only understand after someone else says it," said Refly Harun as quoted by Galajabar from the Youtube channel Refly Harun, Monday 19 April 2021.

"The second is that sometimes in Indonesia it is underappreciated," he added.

Nevertheless, Refly Harun still feels confident that the Indonesian government will never underestimate the existence of 2 large organizations in Indonesia, namely Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) and Muhammadiyah.

However, Refly Harun considered that NU and Muhammadiyah had different political moves.

According to him, NU is known as an organization known to be close to the government in the era of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) leadership.

Meanwhile, Muhammadiyah is an organization that tends to be scattered and neglected. From this phenomenon, Muhammadiyah seems to be loud and loud against the Jokowi regime.

"But for me personally, this is to provide a balance that the people's voice is in the government represented by NU and in society represented by Muhammadiyah," said Refly Harun.

"So, no one can underestimate Muhammadiyah and NU as the two big organizations in the country despite their different political orientations," he concluded.

As previously reported, Boston University Anthropology Professor Robert Hefner said that he had recommended NU and Muhammadiyah as 2019 Nobel Peace Prize winners.

However, this recommendation turned out to be a failure. Nevertheless, he will never stop introducing the two mass organizations to the international world, especially Muhammadiyah.

According to him, Muhammadiyah is an organization that can be used as the most ideal educational role model for Islamic countries in the world.

This can be proven by the existence of Indonesia as the most effective and most Islamic country in the world. Of course, this has a big contribution from Muhammadiyah. ***